Operating and setup instructions

This is Quick Start Guide which is a short version. The full version including Product Safety is available on Tracki.com/manual

Also the following languages are available on Tracki.com/manual:ESmanual de uso - FR manuel d'utilisation

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The Package Includes: 


  1. Plain battery cover
  2. Battery cover with a clip
  3. Battery cover with magnet
  4. Adhesive Velcro
  5. Battery 600mAh
  6. USB Charging Cable
  7. Lanyard, also can use as keychain 
  8. Water Resistant Silicon cover
  9. Long screws for clip cover
  10. Short for magnetic cover
  11. Mini Screwdriver  


Charge Battery

The battery may be installed but not fully charged when you first unbox your tracker. To remove the batterybackcover gently thumb press it sliding it off, if the battery not already inside insert the battery. Slide the cover back on, do not try to snap it in or out, only slide

To charge, connect micro USB end of the cable to the charging port at the side of the tracker and the other end to a USB wall charger or computer USB port. When charging, the red light blinks. Charge the device for 3-12 hours till full.When full, the red light is steady.


Turn on your device for the first time

The device usually turns itself on when connected directly to power. So first, check if the device it already turned on: just briefly click any of the buttons and see it any light comes on. If no light comes on, the device is off. In that case, tum it on by pressing and holding down the small silver square on/off button for at least 5 seconds. You will see that the light turns on for a moment and then goes off - now the device is on. The green light on the front of the device should flash for seconds. Now you are ready to activate your device.


Signing up, creating your account and activating your device


Download the TrackiGPS smartphone Android or iOS app. See videos how to get started https://tracki.com/setup 

Activate by scanning the QR codelocated on the box sticker (or under the battery) and go with the flow...


if you don't know how to scan QR with your phone follow the below:

  1. Activate your account on https://app.tracki.comclick "Sign Up" & enter your info.
  2. We will email you a conformation, go to your email and click the link. Check SPAM or “other” folder too.
  3. Once you log back into the account you have created, go to "add device"
  4. Enter the device ID and last 4 IMEI located on the box sticker (also under the tracker battery).
  5. Make sure your GPS tracker is on, wait for a minute, the system will try to connect to the device.
  6. If you can’t get the device location on the app, press the SOS key for 5 seconds.
  7. If you get inaccurate location, take it outside to be exposed to the open sky to receive the initial GPS position.

if you get a message that the device cannot be reached, just click "back", wait a couple of minutes and try again.


Setting up tracking intervals - Important! To activate the actual tracking please make sure to update your device settings tab, to set how often the device will store your tracking history. By default, it is set to "0" this means it will not record locations. Tracking trail can be viewed on your history tab. Please keep in mind the higher the tracking time interval the longer your battery will last.


Important!Understanding GPS signals and reception 

GPS trackers need a clear view of the sky to properly receive signalsfrom satelliteslocated up there very farin space.GPS signals can be easily received when the device is outdoors and in or under a car. Be aware that when GPS signal is blocked by buildings, trees, heavy clouds or when the device is indoors, the device uses nearby GSM cellular antenna towers to approximate its location. This is less accurate than GPS location, and might be hundreds of feet away or even a few miles in a non-urban area. When the device sends a cellular-based location (also called "GSM-based location") you will notice it by a semi-transparent circle displayed on screen around the approximate location. For indoor tracking the Tracki device can also use it's Wi-Fi tracking feature where Wi-Fi router is available.

About the features



SOS alert -You will receive a notification when SOS panic button pressed.

Speed alert - You will receive a notification when the tracker moves faster than the speed pre-defined by you.
Low battery alert - You will receive a notification when battery level is low.
Movement alert - You will receive a notification when the tracker starts to move.
Geofencing crossing alert - You will receive a notification when the tracker enters or exit Geofencing.

Geofencing crossing alert - You will receive a notification when the tracker enters or exit Geofencing.

Who receives the alerts ? - The alert always sends an email message to the email of your account, and if you entered a phone number when you activated the device, it will also be sent by SMS to that number. 

You can easily add more people who will receive the SOS alert. This is how to set it: On the smartphone App or web App you click on "Settings" and you will see a list of all the possible alerts that the device can trigger. For each alert, you will see a link "add contact to this alert". You click this and enter as many contacts as you wish (emails of phone numbers). You will also see contacts that you have entered before, and you can check them on or off if you want them to receive some of the alerts and not others. 


How to use the SOS button - You should press the button with the red SOS letters and hold it down for at least 3 seconds, then you will see the blue lights blinking and will hear a beep (unless beep is set to off on the app). The SOS button is used to alert as many people as you need of distress. This will cause the SOS alert to be sent, with the exact location of where it was pressed.


The other 2 left and right buttons can be used for other type of pre-agreed massages sent by the device holder, for example: I arrived to school, I was just picked up from school, I sent false SOS etc.


Geofencing - The Tracki device can alert if it crosses the boundaries of some area that you set up on the map, like your house, street or neighborhood. Such area is called a Geo Fence, or a Virtual Fence, or "fence" for short. 


You set up a fence by clicking the "fences" link on the website app or Smartphone app, just below the "settings" links, and click "create a new fence". The fence will appear on the map as a rectangle at the center, and you can change its size and position by grabbing its corners and dragging them where you want. You can also set the center of the fence by entering an address in the address search area. Then you give your fence a name and save it. After you save the fence, every time the device crosses the fence's boundaries, you will receive an alert. You can add more contacts who will receive the alert too by email or SMS. 


Important to know about fences: the GPS sensor sometimes receives signal interference, which causes it to shift momentarily for several 10’s meters, and it quickly corrects the location. However, if the fence boundary is too close to the device's usual location, the interference might cause momentarily to appear as if it crossed the fence and create a false alarm. If you set the fence exactly at the location of your backyard, and your dog hangs around near the yard's edge, you might get a false fence alert. We recommend setting the fence to no less than 200 meters (about 200 yards) on each side, and in any case keep a bit of space between your yard's boundary and the virtual fence. 


History reports - You can generate history, trip and alert reports for any of your devices that have tracking enabled.  Simply go to History Replay and you have an option to select a device, a date range and which type of report you want to Generate.  You can also download the history report for a selected time frame from the appropriate Trip Report.


History Report will show you the points on the map you your device was while it was moving, the amount of history points you will see is determined by the Location Update Interval that was set from your device settings during that time period and when the device was moving. The device will not report its location when it's not moving, it will resume tracking only when it detects movement.


Trip Report will show you the trips based on an preset algorithm to help sort your history data in Trips which include a Estimated Start Time and Location as well as End Time and location along with the duration of the Trip, the AVG Speed and the Stop time between the Next Trip if any. **Please note trips is just an estimate, and we only suggest for Trackers set to 1-minute Location Update Intervals.


Battery life - Rechargeable battery life is about 2-3 days tracking real time every 1-5 minutes. If you don’t need real-time tracking and want the battery to last 30 days, use the sleep/hibernation mode on the app which will be tracking 2-4 times per day.

Optional waterproof magneticbox with 6x stronger battery extends battery life to 2 weeks at 1-5 min update & 6 months tracking 2-4 times/day. Find it on Tracki.com or Amazon:amzn.to/2TEX4MW

Safety Warning. Read all the details on Tracki.com/manual

Electric shock hazard: Only connect the device to a USB outlet, be careful when you use a wall charger as you plug into wall outlet.

Explosion and fire hazard: Do not temper, puncture, use spick, overheat or charge the battery by other means than Tracki made.

Acid burn hazard: Damaged battery can leak and cause burns to skin. Do not temper & protect the battery from mechanical damage.

Choking hazard: This product contains small parts that could pose a choking hazardif swallowed, keep all parts away from your child. 


If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please call: +1 323 785-2020 (M-F 8AM-5PM PST) so we may address your concerns immediately. We promise will go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied.

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