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What Type of GPS Tracker Is Best?

What Type of GPS Tracker Is Best?

Lynn Mendez

With an increasing number of car owners and businesses choosing GPS tracking to ensure better protection of their vehicles, it is important to understand what type of GPS tracker the is best.

Of course, there are different technologies on the market, and they have their pros and cons. When shopping for tracking devices, one should have a clear idea of what type of tracker they need to fulfil their specific requirements.

Primarily, GPS trackers can fall into one of the three broad categories, i.e.,

  1. Cellular GPS Trackers
  2. Non-Cellular GPS Trackers
  3. Bluetooth GPS Trackers

Key Takeaways

Cellular GPS Trackers:

  • Best for car tracking due to accuracy and real-time updates.
  • Require cellular network coverage.
  • Small, covert, and reasonably priced ($100-$200).
  • Ideal for delivery companies and individual car owners.

Non-Cellular GPS Trackers:


  • Best for tracking in remote areas without cellular coverage.
  • Larger, more expensive ($250-$1000).
  • Utilize GPS satellites for location tracking.

Bluetooth GPS Trackers:


  • Suitable for tracking small personal items (keys, wallets, pets).
  • Limited range due to Bluetooth connection.
  • Affordable and compact ($25-$30).

Let’s explore these options a bit more closely and see which of them should work for you the best.

Cellular GPS Trackers

One of the most common, and probably the best, types of tracking devices are the ones that use cellular networks for capturing and reporting data. These are small-sized GPS trackers that can be secretly placed in the vehicles that you need to track, and they share tracking data over a cellular network with a monthly data plan. They are faster compared to satellite-based tracking options and can deliver more accurate results in real-time.

Often used by delivery companies and individual car owners, cellular-based trackers are synonymous with accuracy, convenience, and reliability. In fact, some of the top providers like Tracki even offer worldwide coverage, and you get accurate location alerts no matter where you are. They often cost you around $100-$200 only.


  • Small-sized GPS trackers that can be hidden anywhere
  • Accurate tracking and fast reporting
  • Good battery backup for seamless tracking


  • Require cell towers in the area for accurate tracking

Non-Cellular GPS Trackers

In areas where cellular coverage is not available, satellite-based GPS trackers would be the best bet. GPS satellites orbit the Earth twice every day and transmit unique signals along with their orbital parameters, allowing the GPS devices to decode them and determine the satellite’s precise location. This information is then used by the GPS receivers to calculate the exact location of the user being tracked.

The best thing about these non-cellular trackers is that they can track location even in the most remote areas with no cellular coverage. While they offer a practical tracking solution in remote areas, they are large and expensive, costing you anywhere between $250 and $1000.


  • Can work anywhere, even in the remote areas
  • No cellular coverage required
  • Generally, have a good, reliable battery


  • Very large and not appropriate for covert use
  • One of the most expensive types available
  • Need a head receiver to work

Bluetooth GPS Trackers

Finally, we have Bluetooth trackers. These are small devices that can be attached to your belongings that you want to track. They connect to your smartphone over a Bluetooth connection to give you the location alerts for the items being tracked. Usually, these trackers are used for tracking small items like wallets, keys, backpacks, purses, and even pets. They are effective at what they do but have a small range because they connect to your handset using Bluetooth. They are quite affordable and won’t cost you more than $25-$30.


  • The most affordable GPS trackers available
  • Very small in size and appropriate for covert use
  • Offer a large enough battery backup
  • Tracker must be within the range of your phone’s Bluetooth

So, if you are looking for the best GPS tracking devices for your car, look for a cellular-based tracker. Make sure that you look into the features it offers to get accurate and seamless tracking with timely alerts.


For car tracking, cellular-based trackers offer the best combination of accuracy and convenience. Always consider the specific features and requirements to ensure seamless and effective tracking.

Author information:
Lynn Mendez

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