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Tracki accessories + Kits

Tracki GPS devices are compact and reliable trackers that allow you to monitor the location of your valuables in real-time. They utilize cellular networks to transmit location data, offering worldwide coverage. Some key functionalities of Tracki GPS devices include:

- Real-time Tracking: See the exact location of your tracker on a map via the Tracki app or web interface.

- Historical Playback: Review past movements and track the path of your tracker over time.

- Geofencing: Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when your tracker enters or exits those zones.

- Alerts: Get notified of movements, low battery, or other predefined events.


Unleash the Full Potential: Accessories and Kits


While Tracki GPS devices are powerful on their own, accessories and kits can significantly enhance their functionality and usability. Here's why they're essential:

- Extended Functionality: Accessories unlock new features, like weatherproofing or covert tracking.

- Peace of Mind: Protective cases safeguard your tracker from damage in harsh environments.


Featured Tracki Accessories:


Waterproof Magnetic Box for GPS Tracker + 3500mAh Battery Extender

  • Use Case: Ideal for covert tracking applications on vehicles, outdoor equipment, or anywhere where weatherproofing and extended battery life are crucial.


12-24 Volt to Micro USB Vehicle/Marine Power Stabilizer and Wiring Kit for Tracki GPS Tracker

  • Use Cases: Essential for hardwiring your Tracki GPS tracker to a vehicle's electrical system for long-term, uninterrupted operation. Perfect for fleet management, car rentals, or any scenario where continuous power is necessary.


Tracki OBD Wiring Cable

  • Use Cases: A user-friendly option for powering your Tracki tracker in vehicles with OBD-II ports. Well-suited for situations where permanent installation isn't needed, such as car rentals or short-term tracking.

600mAh Battery for Tracki GPS tracker

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$16.88 $39.99 (Save $23.11)

12-24 Volt to Micro USB Vehicle/Marine power stabilizer and Wiring kit for Tracki GPS Tracker

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$28.88 $49.95 (Save $21.07)

Tracki OBD Wiring Cable

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$19.95 $32.45 (Save $12.50)