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Best Magnetic GPS Trackers list of 2024

Best Magnetic GPS Trackers list of 2024

Andrew McMennamy

Nowadays, tracking is really essential. By letting users share their exact location in real-time with those they care about or with emergency services, it improves personal safety.
In business, reduced operational expenses are a direct result of better fleet management made possible by GPS tracking, which also increases delivery efficiency and decreases fuel costs.

When you are selecting a magnetic GPS tracker for your vehicle, asset, or person tracking needs, you need to ensure that you are well-educated about the key considerations and features of a GPS tracker in order to select the best one according to your needs.

What are magnetic GPS trackers?

Magnetic GPS trackers are small devices with magnetic mounts, allowing attachment to almost anything. They use GPS to provide real-time location data, making them ideal for tracking vehicles, managing fleets, and ensuring personal security. You can quickly attach or remove these trackers without permanent installation.

Common Features of Magnetic GPS Trackers

Common features of a magnetic GPS tracker include real-time tracking, long-life batteries, geofencing, and records of route data. It comes with mobile apps or web platforms for easy monitoring and alerts. The continued availability of a magnetic base for attachment and removal ensures ease of use for temporary or covert purposes.
Additionally, it has durability features and is waterproof to guarantee the GPS tracker's dependability under various conditions.

Benefits of Magnetic GPS Trackers

In summary, magnetic GPS devices offer the convenience of easy setup and quick, tool-free attachment to nearly any metal surface. These devices are very portable and flexible in many cases, and they provide real-time updates. The benefit of magnetic GPS trackers is that the user can determine the exact vehicle, asset, or person's position. 
These trackers are also weatherproof, rugged, and therefore applicable to outdoor uses. An added sense of security comes from discreet mounting by simply throwing it onto a metal surface with a magnetic attachment, thus inhibiting theft.

The best magnetic GPS trackers for vehicles are available.

1. Tracki Pro GPS Tracker

Tracki Pro GPS Tracker comes with advanced tracking features, speed monitoring, and geofencing, TrackiPro provides the ultimate industrial tracker worldwide coverage, ensuring global monitoring of your valuables. Its strong magnet allows for easy attachment, making it perfect for diverse applications like cargo monitoring and fleet management.

Tracki Pro GPS Tracker

Key Specifications:

  • Global Coverage: Available in 180+ countries.
  • Network Technology: Uses LTE (4G) with fallback to 3G and 2G networks. 
  • Wi-Fi Location: Utilizes nearby Wi-Fi routers' MAC IDs when GPS is unavailable.
  • Monthly Fee: $19.95 USD per device, as low as $9.95 USD for long-term plans.
  • Battery Life: Lasts 2 - 12 months per charge, depending on usage and network conditions.
  • Durability & Warranty: Waterproof and designed for harsh environments. Includes a lifetime warranty, covering lost or damaged devices.
  • Setup & App Compatibility: Easy setup, ready to use within minutes. Compatible with Android, iOS, and all internet browsers.
  • Alerts: Provides SOS, low battery, speeding, and movement alerts via app notification, email, or optional SMS.
  • Mounting Accessories: Comes with a high-strength magnet, blank plate with tape, and built-in slots for belts, straps, and harnesses.

2. Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki GPS Tracker offers a wide range of accessories and real-time tracking features with global coverage, all while being incredibly dependable and compact. Best for assets, kids, and cars. Tracki GPS Tracker offers long-term service plans, detailed location data, and a rechargeable battery.

Tracki GPS Tracker
Key Specifications:
  • Subscription required for each device, with plans starting at $9.95/month
  • Best-selling GPS tracker for three years, made in the USA
  • Unlimited distance real-time tracking with 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G technology
  • Full USA and worldwide coverage with international SIM card included
  • Compact size (1.8x1.6x0.7 inches) and lightweight (1.26 oz)
  • Includes strong magnet, waterproof silicone cover, belt clip, key ring, and lanyard
  • Up to 5 years of location history and a rechargeable battery lasting 2-5 days
  • Optional 3,500mAh battery for extended life up to 10 months
  • Uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and GSM for accurate tracking
  • Real-time alerts for geo-fence crossings, SOS, low battery, speed, and movement
  • Lifetime warranty for lost or damaged devices
  • Dedicated mobile and web app compatible with Android, iOS, and web browsers
  • 24/7 live customer support via phone and chat

3. Spytec GPS Tracker

Spytec GPS tracker offers real-time tracking with global coverage, a durable weatherproof magnetic design case, and user-friendly mobile and desktop apps. This device is perfect for tracking vehicles, assets, and individual needs.

Spytec GPS Tracker

Key Specifications:

  • Compact Design: Ideal for anti-theft tracking, suitable for cars, kids tracking, trucks, boats, RVs, and more.
  • 4G Super SIM Coverage: Full coverage in North America and worldwide.
  • App Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android for real-time tracking from anywhere.
  • Weatherproof: Sturdy M2 case made with durable ABS plastics to protect the tracker in any condition.
  • Magnetic Attachment: Firmly attached to vehicles with a strong magnet.
  • Real-Time Tracking & Geo-Fencing: Provides real-time location updates and alerts. Alerts when entering or leaving specific boundary areas.
  • Speed Notifications & Track History: Alerts for speeding & Reviews tracking history and movement patterns.
  • Subscription Required: Plans start at $22.95/month (USD) for a 1-year plan or $34.95/month (USD) for a month-to-month plan.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Update Network Mode in the app before international travel.

4. Brickhouse GPS Tracker

Brickhouse GPS Tracker offers international 4G LTE coverage and a discreet, waterproof design, ensuring reliable real-time tracking for vehicles and assets worldwide. With affordable subscription plans, it provides peace of mind and security against theft.

Brickhouse GPS Tracker

Key Specifications:

  • International 4G LTE Coverage: Seamless tracking across global 4G LTE networks.
  • Discreet Design: Magnetic mini tracker for secure attachment to vehicles or mobile assets.
  • Anti-Theft Security: Hidden GPS tracking to safeguard against theft.
  • Waterproof Case: Ensures reliable operation in challenging conditions, suitable for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Access real-time and historical reports of speed, geofencing violations, travel logs, and customizable settings from any web browser.
  • Subscription Plans: Starts at $17.99/unit/month (billed annually) for BASIC, $27.99 for PLUS, and $34.99 for PREMIUM.
  • Flexible Billing: Options for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions with no contracts and easy cancellation.
  • Web Browser Access: Monitor and customize settings from any web browser.

5. Optimus GPS Tracker

Optimus GPS Tracker offers reliable and accurate real-time tracking with a secure magnetic case, customizable alerts, and extensive coverage in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Optimus GPS Tracker

Key Specifications:

  • Secure Magnetic Case: Ensures discreet and secure attachment.
  • Battery Life: Up to 1 month with default 1-minute update settings.
  • Custom Instant Alerts: Receive text and email notifications.
  • Customizable Position Updates: As frequent as every 10 seconds.
  • 24/7 Live Tracking: Monitor vehicles, machinery, valuables, and loved ones anytime.
  • Coverage: Available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • User-Friendly Software: Easy to use for real-time tracking and alerts setup.
  • Monthly Subscription: Required for continuous tracking service.

Comparison table for Tracki, Spytec, Brickhouse & Optimus GPS trackers:

Feature Tracki GPS Tracker Tracki Pro GPS Tracker Spytec GPS Tracker Brickhouse GPS Trackers Optimus GPS Tracker
Global Coverage Full USA & worldwide coverage.   Available in 180+ countries Full coverage in North America and worldwide International 4G LTE coverage USA, Canada, and Mexico
Network Technology LTE (4G) with fallback to 3G and 2G networks LTE (4G) CAT4 with fallback to 3G and 2G networks 4G Super SIM 4G LTE
Monthly Fee $19.95 USD per device, as low as $9.95 USD for long-term plans $19.95 USD per device, as low as $9.95 USD for long-term plans $22.95/month (1-year plan) or $34.95/month (month-to-month) $17.99/unit/month (BASIC), $27.99 (PLUS), $34.99 (PREMIUM)
Battery Life Up to 2 - 12 months per charge Up to 2 - 12 months per charge Up to 1 month
Durability & Warranty Waterproof, lifetime warranty Waterproof, lifetime warranty Weatherproof, ABS plastics Waterproof
Setup & App Compatibility Android, iOS, and all internet browsers Android, iOS, and all internet browsers iOS and Android Web browser
Alerts SOS, low battery, speeding, and movement alerts SOS, low battery, speeding, and movement alerts Real-time location updates and alerts Real-time and historical reports Custom text and email notifications
Mounting Accessories High-strength magnet, blank plate with tape, slots for belts, straps, harnesses High-strength magnet, blank plate with tape, slots for belts, straps, harnesses Magnetic attachment Magnetic attachment Magnetic attachment
Compact Design Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Monitoring Real-time Tracking Real-time Tracking Real-time Tracking Real-time and historical reports 24/7 live tracking
Geo-Fencing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track History Yes Yes Yes Yes

Magnetic GPS Trackers for Personal Safety

1. Trackimo GPS Tracker

Trackimo is a powerful small GPS tracker with global coverage that provides smooth tracking both indoors and outdoors, using many tracking modes. It is perfect for asset and personal tracking and offers notifications, real-time location updates, and a thorough five-year tracking history.

Trackimo GPS Tracker
Key Features:
  • Simple installation with immediate function
  • Coverage in 190 nations including US and Canada
  • Tracks via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE/GSM, GPS, and A-GPS both inside and outside
  • Constant 4G connection with 2G/3G backup available
  • Just 1.26 ounces, lightweight and small
  • Attachments for clips and magnets included
  • Tracking live, speed, route, and history. 
  • SOS button and two configurable buttons
  • Move, speed, and geofence notifications via email, SMS, or app
  • Guaranteed money back for 30 days and live assistance
  • All devices come with a year of servicing.

    2. Family1st GPS Tracker

    Family1st GPS Tracker for Vehicles is a discreet way to monitor your vehicles, assets, and loved ones and give you peace of mind. With real-time tracking, superior 4G LTE coverage, and a rugged, weatherproof design. 

    Family1st GPS Tracker

    Key Features:

    • Real-time tracking: You can track the location of your vehicles and assets from any browser or app.
    • Geofencing Alerts: Get instant notifications whenever the tracker enters or exits predefined geofence zones.
    • Discreet Design: The hidden GPS tracker is small and easy to conceal, making it ideal for covert tracking of vehicles and personal items.
    • Magnetic Weatherproof Case: The airtight, weather-resistant case keeps the tracker secure and functional in any weather, making it ideal for tracking vehicles, bikes, and assets.
    • 4G LTE coverage is available throughout North America, allowing for dependable tracking of cars, luggage, children, and other assets.
    • Affordable Subscription Plans: Choose between an annual plan for $15.95 per month (paid up front) and a monthly plan for $21.95 per month, both of which include a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer support.
    • Versatile Usage: Can be used for a variety of applications, including car tracking, truck tracking, bike tracking, and as a GPS tracker for children and assets.

    Benefits of Discreet Tracking and Emergency Features

    Discreet Tracking
    • Trackimo GPS Tracker is ideal for covert tracking due to its compact size and strong internal magnets. It can be attached to vehicles or hidden in small pockets, backpacks, or purses.
    • The small and easily concealable design of the Family1st GPS Tracker allows for discreet monitoring of vehicles and personal items without drawing attention.
    Features for emergency situations
    • Trackimo GPS Tracker provides real-time tracking and notifications via web-based software and the App, with location updates every 60 seconds. Geofencing alerts notify you when the tracker leaves a specific area.
    • Family1st GPS Tracker: Offers real-time tracking and geofencing alerts, ensuring that you are always aware of any unauthorized movements or emergencies.
    • Trackimo GPS Tracker has GNSS and cellular antennas for reliable communication during emergencies.
    • Family1st GPS Tracker: Uses 4G LTE coverage throughout North America to provide dependable tracking and communication, which is critical in emergency situations.

    Cost-Effective GPS Tracking Solutions

    Options with no monthly fees and affordable initial costs

    1. Amcrest GPS tracker


    Amcrest GPS tracker
    • The battery is rechargeable and has a life of 10-14 days.
    • Real-time tracking using a companion app.
    • The initial cost is affordable.

    2. TKSTAR GPS Tracker

    TKSTAR GPS Tracker
    • There are no monthly fees and a low initial cost.
    • Real-time tracking is available, as is route history.
    • The design is waterproof and durable.

    Tips for maintaining and extending device life

    Here are some tips for maintaining and extending the Magnetic GPS Tracker device's life:
    Maintenance of Batteries:

    • Keep the battery charged, and don't let it run out entirely.
    • Don't overcharge; instead, use the recommended charger.

    Software and firmware upgrades:

    • Update the tracking program and the device's firmware.
    • For installation guidelines and the most recent updates, visit the manufacturer's website.

    Temperature and Environment: 

    • Keep the tracker safe from inclement weather and moisture.
    • To avoid weather-related damage, store the device indoors when not in use.

    Frequent Exams:

    • Check the tracker periodically for indications of wear or damage.
    • To avoid further harm, take immediate action to resolve any issues.

    Installation and technical support

    A step-by-step guide to installing magnetic GPS trackers

    Select the right GPS tracker:

    • Verify that the magnetic GPS tracker is compatible with the vehicle or asset you wish to track.
    • Make sure the functionality and battery life match your tracking requirements.

    Recharge GPS Tracker:

    • Before installation, completely charge the GPS tracker as directed by the manufacturer.

    Open the GPS Tracker:

    • The GPS tracker company specifies the activation procedure. This may necessitate creating an account on the tracker's app or website.
    • Insert SIM Card: If your GPS tracker requires a SIM card, insert it following the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Test the tracker inside to make sure it is receiving signals and operating as intended.

    Check the installation location.

    • Select a GPS magnetic tracker for a secure location. Common locations are under the car, on the bumper, and on the frame.
    • Make sure there is no obstruction to the GPS signal at this location. Metal barriers or enclosed areas may hinder the reception of signals.

    Attach the GPS Tracker:

    • The magnetic side of the tracker should be positioned on the cleaned surface.
    • Press firmly to ensure the magnet attaches securely. Double-check the attachment to make sure it won't fall off during movement or vibration.

    Test the installation:

    • Once attached, take the magnetic GPS tracker for a short drive to ensure the tracker remains in place.
    • Check the GPS signal and tracking data through the tracker app or website to confirm the tracker is operational and accurate.

    Regular Maintenance:

    • Periodically check the tracker to ensure it is still securely attached and functioning correctly.
    • Recharge or replace the battery as needed to maintain continuous tracking.

    Technical Support

    Visit your GPS tracker website or app to use technical support.

    How to use app-enhanced tracking.

    1. Choose a GPS tracker and an app

    • Choose a GPS Tracker: Make sure your GPS tracker is compatible with the app you plan to use. Popular brands include Tracki, Brickhouse, and Spytec.
    • Download the app: Most GPS trackers have a companion app available for both iOS and Android. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the GPS tracker-specific app.

    2. Configuring tracker settings

    • Set Tracking Intervals: Choose how often the GPS tracker sends location updates. More frequent updates provide more accurate tracking but may reduce battery life.
    • Geofencing: Create virtual boundaries (geofences). The app will alert you if the tracker enters or exits these zones.
    • Alerts and Notifications: Configure notifications for various events like low battery, movement detection, or geofence breaches.

    3. Using the App for Tracking

    • Real-Time Tracking: To see your GPS tracker's real-time location, access the app's map interface.
    • Historical Data: View historical tracking data to see where the tracker has been.
    • Share Location: The app's sharing features allow you to share the tracker's location with others.
    • Battery Management: Monitor the tracker’s battery level and receive low battery alerts.

    4. Additional features

    • SOS Button: Some GPS trackers have an SOS button that, when pressed, sends an emergency alert to predefined contacts.
    • Set speed alerts to receive notifications if the tracker surpasses a specific speed limit.
    • Integration with Other Apps: Some tracking apps can integrate with other applications for enhanced functionality.


    Selecting the right magnetic GPS tracker is important for accurate and reliable tracking tailored to your specific needs. Whether for personal safety, fleet management, or asset monitoring, the ideal tracker should offer real-time updates, robust durability, and user-friendly app support.

    Key features like long battery life, geofencing, and waterproof design enhance functionality and reliability.
    Understanding these elements helps you make an informed decision about choosing the right magnetic gps tracker from the above.

    Author information:
    Andrew McMennamy

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