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The solutions that our GPS tracking technology provides

We strive to keep our customers 100% satisfied
GPS Tracker Solutions for cars
Tracki unique features ensure that your vehicles are protected and recovered, if stolen

- Real-time Vehicle tracking

- Enhanced safety

- Insurance discounts

- Geofencing

- Detailed reporting for fleet management

- Theft recovery

- Ease of use

GPS TrackerĀ Solutions for kids
Start living a stress-free life having your kids and loved ones protected and secured at all times

- Safety Monitoring for Teens: Real-time Location Tracking

- Driving Behaviour Monitoring

- Location History

- Emergency Assistance

- SOS Button

- Geo-fencing for Added Safety

- Safe Zones Setup

- School and Home Monitoring

GPS TrackerĀ Solutions for pets
Set borders at home and always know when your pets cross them

- Lost Pet Recovery

- Real-time Location Tracking

- Location History

- Geo-fencing

- Escape Alerts

- Activity Tracking

- Rugged and Waterproof Designs

GPS TrackerĀ Solutions for bike
Eliminate anxiety when your motorcycle or bicycle is not with you

- Real-time Tracking
- Movement Alerts

- Speed Monitoring

- Insurance Benefits: Lower Premiums
- Geofencing for Enhanced Security

- Safe Parking Information

Most popular products

Tracki 2024 4G Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker.

$59.88$18.88 (Save $41.00)

Waterproof Magnetic Box for GPS Tracker + 3500mAh battery extender

$88.88$38.88 (Save $50.00)

12-24 Volt to Micro USB Vehicle/Marine power stabilizer and Wiring kit for Tracki GPS Tracker

$49.95$28.88 (Save $21.07)