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Tracki accessories + Kits

Tracki GPS devices are compact and reliable trackers that allow you to monitor the location of your valuables in real-time.
They utilize cellular networks to transmit location data, offering worldwide coverage.

Some key functionalities of Tracki GPS devices include:

Real-time Tracking

See the exact location of your tracker on a map via the Tracki app or web interface.

Historical Playback

Review past movements and track the path of your tracker over time.


Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when your tracker enters or exits those zones.


Get notified of movements, low battery, or other predefined events.

Unleash the Full Potential:
Accessories and Kits

While Tracki GPS devices are powerful on their own, accessories and kits can significantly enhance their functionality and usability.

Here's why they're essential:

Extended Functionality

Accessories unlock new features, like weatherproofing or covert tracking.

Peace of Mind

Protective cases safeguard your tracker from damage in harsh environments.

600mAh Battery for Tracki GPS tracker

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$16.88 $39.99 (Save $23.11)

12-24 Volt to Micro USB Vehicle/Marine power stabilizer and Wiring kit for Tracki GPS Tracker

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$28.88 $49.95 (Save $21.07)

Tracki OBD Wiring Cable

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$19.95 $32.45 (Save $12.50)