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Why GPS Trackers Are Highly Important for Your Car

Why GPS Trackers Are Highly Important for Your Car

Lynn Mendez

Imagine being able to keep track of your car's every move, no matter where you are. Sounds like a scene from a spy movie, right? Well, with a GPS tracker, this isn't just fiction—it's reality. GPS trackers for cars are incredibly important because they help you locate your vehicle in real-time, ensuring fleet, teen & elderly driver's safety and security. 

According to research, car theft rates are on the rise, and having a GPS tracker can be a game-changer in recovering stolen vehicles. Plus, these devices offer more than just security. If you’re the owner of a family car or a fleet of vehicles driven by a team of employees, a GPS tracker for your car is a valuable tool.

Due to so many security reasons, the use of a car tracking device for parents and business owners has significantly increased in the last few years. 

Let’s know why every car owner should consider investing in a GPS tracker.

Key Takeaways

  • Real-Time Tracking: Enhances vehicle security with real-time location updates.
  • Theft Recovery: High recovery rates for stolen cars ensures quick response.
  • Teen Driver Safety: Monitors driving habits and alerts parents if boundaries are crossed.
  • Elderly Driver Support: Tracks location and provides emergency alerts.
  • Fleet Management: Improves route efficiency, reduces fuel costs, and monitors vehicle use.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Alerts for maintenance needs prevent breakdowns.
  • Durability: Weather-resistant trackers ensure reliable performance.
  • Advanced Features: Includes tamper alerts, SOS buttons, and geo-fencing for added security.

Why use GPS Tracker?

Here are some points to know more, why use a GPS Tracker for car:

Use GPS Tracker for Track Anything

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHSHLDI), the fatal crash rate for drivers aged 16 to 19 is three times higher than for those over 20. For 16- to 17-year-olds, the rate is twice that of 18- to 19-year-olds. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the US.

In 2022, 2,883 teenagers aged 13-19 died in motor vehicle crashes. This number is 67% lower than in 1975 and 7% lower than in 2021. About two-thirds of the teens killed were males. Since 1975, crash deaths have decreased by 70% for males and 60% for females.

Real Life Stories
In a study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), cars with GPS trackers had a recovery rate of over 90%. This means that almost all stolen cars with GPS trackers were found and returned to their owners.

  • One real-life example is from Los Angeles, where a man’s car was stolen from his driveway. Thanks to the GPS tracker installed in his car, the police were able to locate and recover it within hours. The GPS tracker provided real-time updates, making it easy for the police to catch the thief.
  • Another case in New York involved a rental car company. One of their cars was stolen, but the company quickly activated the GPS tracker. They tracked the car's location and informed the police, who recovered the vehicle in less than a day. The thief was arrested, and the car was returned without any damage.

These examples show how powerful GPS trackers can be in recovering stolen cars. They not only help find stolen cars but also provide safety of your loved ones like teen & elderly drivers. With high recovery rates and quick response times, GPS trackers like "Tracki" offer peace of mind to car owners.

  • Teen Drivers: For teen drivers, GPS trackers provide an extra layer of safety. Parents can keep an eye on their teens' driving habits and locations. Real-time alerts and geo-fencing features notify parents if the car goes beyond set boundaries, ensuring the teen stays within safe areas.
  • Elderly Drivers: Elderly drivers can also benefit from GPS trackers. Family members can track their location to ensure they are safe. In case of an emergency, the SOS button allows elderly drivers to send instant alerts for help.

For businesses with multiple vehicles, GPS trackers are essential. They help monitor each vehicle's location for Fleet managers to guide drivers stuck in traffic to avoid traffic in real time, ensuring efficient route management and timely deliveries, which are all recorded in the app.

This not only improves service but also reduces fuel costs and enhances overall security.

GPS Trackers reduce employee abuse as idle time, overtime, misuse, and misappropriation of gas are monitored.

Trackers monitor vehicles effectively, allowing companies to predict maintenance schedules. Predicting quality issues and upcoming maintenance while repairing on schedule helps minimize disruptions to normal operations.

Single car owners can protect their vehicles from theft with GPS trackers. Tamper alerts notify the owner if someone tries to interfere with the tracker. Real-time alerts help owners locate their car quickly if it’s stolen.

If a car has been equipped with a GPS tracker, the owner can remotely deactivate the car’s ignition to prevent thieves from moving away or stealing the vehicle.

If the tracker is connected to the vehicle’s electronic system, the owner can lock the vehicle from afar and trap the thieves inside.

Useful Features of a GPS Tracker

Once you’ve figured out what exactly you’re going to use the GPS tracker for, as well as which features you really need, you’ll end up snagging the best deal on a tracking device. Here are the features of a GPS tracker should offer for your car.

Rough weather can cause GPS trackers to malfunction, leaving your teen driver or other drivers unprotected. Choosing a water-resistant tracker is important as it can withstand occasional splashes without damage. Tracki GPS Tracker offer waterproof cases with industrial-grade magnets and slots for easy attachment to vehicles, cargo, boats, and equipment. Tracki’s case also includes a 3,500mAh battery, extending the tracker’s life significantly compared to the standard 600mAh battery. Investing in a durable, weatherproof GPS tracker ensures it lasts and stays reliable.

The SOS button on Tracki GPS tracker can save lives. In an emergency, your children or employees can press and hold the button for five seconds to alert authorities or selected contacts with their location. This feature is vital in emergencies.

Having a standalone app for Tracki GPS tracker is also important. Without it, you miss out on features like creating geofences, viewing account settings, and tracking battery life. An app allows for instant notifications on your smartphone, making it easier to monitor your car, child, or fleet without constantly logging in on a computer.

Tamper alerts notify you if someone tries to remove or damage the tracker. This helps you know if someone is tampering with your car.

Real-time alerts keep you updated on your car’s location at all times. If your car is stolen, you can quickly find out where it is and inform the police.

The SOS button is a lifesaver in emergencies. Pressing it sends an alert to your chosen contacts, ensuring help arrives quickly.

Geo-fencing allows you to set virtual boundaries on a map. If your car goes outside these areas, you will get an alert. This is especially helpful for keeping track of where your car is supposed to be.


Before choosing a GPS tracker, check which cellular network it uses. Ensure you have coverage in the areas your car travels and that the device report's locations promptly. Tracki GPS Tracker offering multiple coverage options and tools to assess your needs.

Consider if you need a tracker with a global roaming SIM card for worldwide tracking. For example, Tracki uses a hybrid of GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology for accurate, real-time location tracking indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the world.

Vehicle GPS trackers now offer health monitoring with a "virtual mechanic." This software alerts you in advance if your car battery is low or draining fast. You receive notifications about your vehicle's oil life, engine, transmission, emissions, brakes, suspension, and more. You can also schedule vehicle health reports to be emailed or view them on demand.

If you’re tracking an entire fleet of vehicles or an entire family, there are models that allow you to add and manage several devices on a single view on your desktop, tab, or phone. Tracki lets you add up to 100 devices in one account!

How to Install and Use a GPS Tracker for Your Car

Purchase a GPS Tracker for your car: You may always search the web for one specifically designed for cars. Even universal trackers will do. Tracki is a tracking device equipped with 3G technology, allowing users to track their car tracking device any time of the day.

Install the GPS device and the companion app: Tracki has a vehicle installation kit that allows the device to be completely hardwired to the car, eliminating the need to constantly charge. As for its companion app, devices may vary in the installation process. For Tracki, the app can either be accessed via a website or through mobile phones.

Let the device work for itself: Once you activate the tracker, you are good to go. Your GPS device will get its signal from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The data is transmitted through a global navigation satellite system network that makes use of satellite signals to transmit information on location, speed, and direction to the GPS device. This allows users to act quickly in case of theft or vehicular accidents.


Investing in a GPS tracker like Tracki offers immense benefits for all car owners, from families with teen and elderly drivers to businesses managing a fleet. These devices ensure real-time location tracking, enhance vehicle security, and improve safety with features like tamper alerts, SOS buttons, and geo-fencing. They also aid in monitoring vehicle health and provide peace of mind through their reliable, weatherproof designs.

Whether you're looking to protect a single vehicle or manage multiple ones, GPS trackers are a valuable tool for improving efficiency, safety, and security.

Author information:
Lynn Mendez

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