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#1 Best Selling GPS Tracker
2-6 days Free U.S. Shipping
2-6 days Free Shipping

World's #1 best-selling GPS Tracker

Worldwide unlimited distance GPS tracker
With a worldwide coverage of 190 countries, you can track anything that moves, know where your assets are, and get peace of mind knowing you can recover them if they got stolen.
2-6 days Free U.S. Shipping
  • Locate your children, pets, or elderly at any given time
  • Track your vehicles, motorcycles & valuables
  • Follow up and trace lost luggage from unlimited distance
  • Alerts: SOS, speed, moving, fence crossing
  • 2-6 days Free shipping + Phone & chat support
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • Smallest & lightest - (1.75x1.5x0.55) inches
  • Not only for the US & Canada, but a worldwide coverage - up to 190 countries
  • Additional indoor tracking using WiFi & Bluetooth
  • The lowest monthly subscription you can find - as low as $9.95/mo
  • Optional extra 3,500mAh magnetic battery
  • Replaceable battery
  • SOS panic button + 2 extra alert buttons
  • 5 years of history
Battery Life
  • 1-month battery life in battery save mode
  • 6-months battery life in save mode with an optional extra battery
  • 2-3 days battery life tracking 1-5 times/min
  • 3-months battery life tracking once a day
What’s included
  • Belt clip
  • Magnet
  • Lanyard
  • Keychain for attachment
Warranty information
Full lifetime warranty: free replacement of all lost or damaged products purchased with a warranty.
Put this baby tracker in my daughter’s car. She accused me of being a stalker. I don’t care if I’m a stalker or what, all I want to do is to secure her if she’s safe or where she is. — Stacia E. Dietz
— Stacia E. Dietz
Start living a stress-free life having your car protected and secured. If stolen or given to a friend, family, loved ones or anyone else, always be aware of where your car is in real-time.

Over a million satisfied customers

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies
All trademarks are property of their respective owner.

Tracki gives you peace of mind

What is Tracki?
Tracki® is an intelligent GPS Tracker, With compatibility to work with most major cellular data networks (4G LTE, 3G and 2G) both in the U.S. and abroad, that allows you to track and find your valuable items and loved ones, see their exact location, and automatically get alerted when sending distress signals.
Tracki is a real-time GPS tracking device & platform that is used to track, get alerts and safely keep everything that lives or moves: kids, elderly, dogs, cars, motorcycles, equipment, drones, boats, shipments, luggage, etc. Tracki is patented, works worldwide, and covers unlimited distance. Tracki also has panic buttons to send SOS alerts.
Peace - Safety - Security
No more wrecked nerves. No more calling a phone that won't pick up. No more mystery. With Tracki you can always keep an eye on your precious things. Use Tracki for any tracking or emergency alert purposes. Tracki gives you peace of mind.
Don't waste time and energy looking for stolen, misplaced, or lost items. Tracki will solve those issues. Keep tabs on your most valuable items. Simply attach to the thing you want to track, then view it on iPhone, Android, or desktop apps to see the pinpoint location in real-time, anywhere worldwide.


Maximum Safety, Accuracy & Accountability with our GPS Tracking System
Safe zone
Get automatic smart alerts when your children, pets, elderly, loved ones, or your valuables are crossing out of a pre-selected fenced area.
Safe zone
Speed alert
Get notified when your teen driver or employee is overspeeding or Get SOS alerts after the panic button is pressed by a falling grandma.
Speed alert
Recover lost item
Locate your lost car or
stolen properties
Recover lost item
Prevent theft with
start-moving alert
Get notified when your valuables are
tampered with and moving.
Prevent theft with
Peace of mind
while traveling
Relax, know your luggage is always
with you, find it if it gets lost
Peace of mind
What is so unique
about Tracki?
Tracki 4G GPS Tracker includes a SIM card that works internationally and worldwide. The device works out of the box and is easy to use, up and running within minutes.
What is so unique

Product highlights

5 mins setup
& activation
Tracki is working right out-of-the-box. Takes 5 mins to set up and the device goes live immediately
Indoor + outdoor
Outdoor GPS tracking + Additional indoor tracking using WiFi and Bluetooth
What is in
the box
Attachment accessories: magnet, belt clip, key-chain, lanyard and waterproofing silicon cover
Smallest and
lightest GPS tracker
⅓ or less of the size of and any other competing GPS tracker. Can discreetly be placed with low possibility of detection
SOS panic button +
2 additional alert buttons
More safety with 2 extra different emergency alert buttons

The most competitive mobile app price in the industry

4.5 stars rate on IOS & Android
Playback street view
Automatic real-time view updates every 60 seconds providing you with history reports, mapping past locations, speed, address with dates and times!
Accurate live routes
Having the most accurate live coverage out on the playing field, Tracki never fails to keep you up to date no matter where you are in the world.
Accurate live routes
frame phoneScreen phoneScreen phoneScreen phoneScreen
1853 Rating
Friendly user interface
Tracki stays up to date with the latest trends! It’s easy to navigate the mobile app and get around the device's interface!
Additional alerts options
Get real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence zone that you designate. Receive SOS, low battery, speeding, start moving alerts via App notification, SMS or email.
We provide a
life-time warranty
Our competitors only have
a one year warranty.
Free replacement of
lost device
If your device was damaged or lost
we will send you a brand new GPS
tracker 100% free.

Why Tracki is a world leader in GPS tracking

Sea 54
Device price
Data subscription
Weight ounces
1.26 oz
3.4 oz
4.8 oz
6.3 oz
3.4 oz
Size inches
US only
US only
How bigger and/or heavier than Tracki
4 times
3 times
5 times
4 times
Android stars rating
iPhone iOS stars rating
Live Phone support
Lifetime warranty
Free replacement of lost tracker
Replaceable battery
5 years history of data storage
#1 Best Selling in the World
Amazon #1 bestseller
Fortune 500 clients ***
2 months battery life in sleep mode
Amazon Alexa
Google assistant
12 months with battery extender
3,500mAh WP case
Wi-Fi for indoor tracking
100ft Bluetooth tracking
Magnet attachment
Clip attachment
Lanyard attachment
Key-chain attachment
SOS panic button
2 more alerts buttons
Send beep to tracker
15 seconds manual ping
3 min go live setup
Up to 100 trackers per acc
FCC certified

Don't be fooled by Bluetooth trackers

Tracki works for unlimited distance and has 100% worldwide coverage. Don't be confused/fooled by Bluetooth trackers like Tile & TrackR who falsely claim to use GPS tracking. They only use Bluetooth, are only good to find your keys at home, and will work for 50 feet only.
Don't be fooled by Bluetooth trackers

How to activate and start using the Tracker

Create an Account from your
Computer or Mobile App
Step 1
Scan QR code or enter
Device ID
Step 2
Choose your Device Data
Monthly Payment Plan
Step 3
Enjoy your new life with
better control of everything
Step 4
Enjoy your new life with

Know where your loved ones or precious things are!

Your grandparents
Your partner
Teen drivers
Your backpack
Circle With World Map

20,000+ positive reviews on Amazon

A.M. Timmer
March 22, 2021
I received my tracker yesterday, and it has been perfect since activation. This seems to be the most affordable tracker on the marketplace. I also received a phone call from Tracki customer service today just checking in to see how it was going with the tracker and if I had any questions. Great service, with a great product and an affordable price. What more could you want?
Read more
Andrew Stillwell
March 19, 2021
This is by far the best product and service available. Great customer service. Great technology, with all the latest features. You will not regret your purchase, and you won't beat the price, or the product, with any other tracker available.
Read more
March 20, 2021
Great size and awesome monthly price not to mention the free replacement and 1 month service they provide if the device is lost or has any technical issues.
Read more
Natalie's Kindle
March 13, 2021
Small and easy to conceal. Comes with various attachments to secure it to an object, person or animal. Tracki gives me notices of “start” movement and when crossing a geo-fence. It shows direction and stop locations on detailed maps. It can be used to contact my phone in case of an emergency. The Tech Support is awesome! Informed me that Tracki has a life-time guarantee. So far, very satisfied with Tracki.
Read more
Debra G
March 9, 2021
I have owned other trackers over the years but this one is small, accurate , and easier to use. Plus the company has excellent customer service. They personally reached out to me to make sure I wasn’t needing any assistance.
Read more
March 4, 2021
Works great! Love the geo fence and with the extended battery pack I basically forget about it because the battery lasts forever. It gives me a lot of peace of mind. The notification alerts that you can turn on are perfect. I find the accuracy to be really good. The initial setup was very simple and pain free.
Read more
March 15, 2021
I got the Tracki to install on my elite electric hunting bike. I worry about leaving it chained to a tree. Now it gives me a peace of mind with the Tracki on it.
Read more

At your service

Real-time 7 days a week
live support.
Free replacement of lost
or damaged device.
Real-time resolution of any
Real-time resolution of any problems.
4.5 Star Reviews on
Google Play & Apple App Store