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TrackiPlus 4G

(North America)

Getting Started

Charge your device. Charged the device for 2hrs before the first use
Open the device and start tracking. In order to check if the device is on, please press Short on the button - Green light should appear if not - press Long 5s on the button to switch the device on (Switch off - Long 3S press on the button).

Button Functions


“Press and hold the power button for 3s to begin GPS positioning". Please note: If the green light flashes, the tracker is ON. If no light comes on, the tracker is OFF.


Short triple press on the main button.

2. Charge device

Plug charging cable to the magnetic socket in the back of the device, charging can take up to 2 hours (till the green led gets solid)

Device Lights

Device Clip

Find Device Details

How to find device details?

QR code / Device ID & IMEI

QR code can be found in the side of the box and under the battery.

1. Back of the box

2. Back of the device