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Why GPS Trackers Are Highly Important for Your Car

Why GPS Trackers Are Highly Important for Your Car

Jared Hoven
Jared Hoven

Some may think that owning a separate GPS unit is overkill. After all, most smartphones are now equipped with GPS navigation, right? But due to far more specialized functionality, dedicated GPS trackers for your cars reign supreme over the ones installed on your phone. Smartphones might have taken over the world today, but there are still some things you might be looking for in a navigation system that you can’t get out of a smartphone, no matter how “smart” it is.

Several people have benefited from GPS trackers in cars, and the major benefits include promoting safe and relaxed driving. The data provided by the navigation system determines the device's real-time location, as well as reports to keep you updated on the driver’s activity. These are all presented on the device's companion app, which is accessible via mobile phone or computer. The mapping software in the app gives accurate directions, and the quality is better than that of the built-in app on your smartphone. And in the event that the unthinkable happens and your car gets stolen, you can use the device installed on your car to quickly track down where it is.

Whether you’re the owner of a family car or a fleet of vehicles driven by a team of employees, a GPS tracker for your car is a valuable tool. Due to so many security reasons, the use of a car tracking device for parents, spouses, and business owners has significantly increased in the last few years.

There are countless reasons why securing a tracking device for your car is important. Here’s why most people prefer using it.

Trackers give parents the real-time location and whereabouts of their kids.

Parents get instant notifications whenever kids use the car.

Parents can also track the past routes taken by their kids.

The app notifies parents if kids are leaving or visiting an area.

Some trackers also monitor the speed of the vehicle so that parents know if your kids are driving fast.

Industries reduce operating expenses by choosing the shortest routes and reducing fuel consumption, which are all recorded in the app.

Trackers reduce employee abuse as idle time, overtime, misuse, and misappropriation of gas are monitored.

Fleet managers can guide drivers stuck in traffic to avoid traffic in real time.

Trackers monitor vehicles effectively, allowing companies to predict maintenance schedules. Predicting quality issues and upcoming maintenance while repairing on schedule helps minimize disruptions to normal operations.

Trackers alert owners if the vehicle is stolen or being tampered with.

If a car has been equipped with a GPS tracker, the owner can remotely deactivate the car’s ignition to prevent thieves from moving away or stealing the vehicle.

If the tracker is connected to the vehicle’s electronic system, the owner can can lock the vehicle from afar and trap the thieves inside.

Useful Features in a GPS Tracker

Once you’ve figured out what exactly you’re going to use the GPS tracker for, as well as which features you really need, you’ll end up snagging the best deal on a tracking device. Here are the features a GPS tracker should offer for your car.

The weather can get rough, and without a durable weatherproof unit, your teenager or your driver may get off the hook because of a malfunctioning device. Trackers that are water-resistant will be able to withstand occasional water splashes without damaging the internal wiring or chip. This factor is important when choosing a GPS tracker so the device lasts for the price you paid. There are brands that offer a waterproof case as a separate purchase for easy deployment on vehicles. Tracki’s waterproof case, for example, has industrial-grade magnets attached to it and special slots to hook it to your vehicle, cargo, shipments, boat engines, or even expensive mobile construction equipment. Additionally, it houses a battery of 3,500 mAh (replacing the built-in 600 mAh), which is basically 6 times the regular battery life of the tracker.

The SOS button in a GPS tracker is a highly important feature to watch out for in choosing GPS trackers as it could save your children’s or employees’ lives. Tell them to simply press and hold this button for five seconds when in an emergency to alert the authorities or selected staff members of their current location, including directions. This particular feature has been proven helpful in emergency situations.

If the company you’ve purchased a GPS tracker from doesn’t have a standalone app, you’re going to miss out on many useful features. You can’t create or view geofences, view account settings, or track other vitals such as battery life. Note that notifications in/out can be displayed instantly on a smartphone if a tracking app is installed and that without a standalone app, you’ll have to keep logging in through your computer just to track your car, child, or fleet.

Sure, a GPS tracker’s use is mainly tracking a person’s or object’s precise location. But when your purpose for tracking includes safety, efficiency, security, and proper management, you’ll soon realize that knowing whether limits have been crossed or not is crucial in choosing GPS trackers. To ensure you are getting the most out of tracking, get yourself a device that will issue instant alerts if the device exits a safe zone, moves beyond schedule, changes location, or breaches speed limits.

Before you go on choosing GPS trackers, it’s essential to know first what cellular network the device you are buying will be utilizing. Make sure to determine (1) if you have coverage issues in the areas your car travels to and (2) whether or not you can afford to wait for the minutes, hours, or sometimes days before the device reports the location. If this feature matters to you, ensure that your GPS tracking provider can provide not just multiple coverage options but also tools to determine if there is a need for one coverage or another. 

Might you need a tracker with a global roaming SIM card for you to track your recipient(s) anywhere you are on the planet? Tracki packs a powerful hybrid of GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth tracking technology, so it can accurately locate your loved ones and prized possessions worldwide, indoor or outdoor, in real time.

To stand out from the rest, GPS trackers intended solely for vehicles offer vehicle health monitoring. Their software comes equipped with a “virtual mechanic” that actively monitors the health of a vehicle and notifies users in advance if their car battery is running low or draining fast. Vehicle health alerts will display as in-app notifications or push notifications, if enabled, and include information about your vehicle's oil life, engine, transmission, emissions, brakes, suspension, restraints, driver assistance, and filters. Additionally, you will also be able to set a vehicle health report to be emailed at your preferred schedule, or you can choose to view one on demand.

If you’re tracking an entire fleet of vehicles or an entire family, there are models that allow you to add and manage several devices on a single view on your desktop, tab, or phone. Tracki lets you add up to 100 devices in one account!


Purchase a GPS for your car. You may always search the web for one specifically designed for cars. Even universal trackers will do. Tracki is a tracking device equipped with 3G technology, allowing users to track their car tracking device any time of the day.

Install the GPS device and the companion app. Tracki has a vehicle installation kit that allows the device to be completely hardwired to the car, eliminating the need to constantly charge. As for its companion app, devices may vary in the installation process. For Tracki, the app can either be accessed via a website or through mobile phones.

Let the device work for itself. Once you activate the tracker, you are good to go. Your GPS device will get its signal from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The data is transmitted through a global navigation satellite system network that makes use of satellite signals to transmit information on location, speed, and direction to the GPS device. This allows users to act quickly in case of theft or vehicular accidents.


Equipping your cars with GPS trackers is a highly recommended investment. The benefits this technology offers are more than what you can ask for. From safety, security, and timeliness to increased efficiency and reduced costs, the advantages of a GPS tracker greatly outweigh the cost. And speaking of cost, models like Tracki work effectively and do not even cost a fortune. Get one for your car now!

Author information:
Jared Hoven
Jared Hoven

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