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how gps works
How Tracki GPS Tracker works

Worldwide unlimited
distance GPS tracking

The Device
The Device

Real-time accurate GPS

Tracki GPS tracker is the world’s smallest in size and lightest in weight (only 1.26 ounces)
Tracki GPS tracker is the world’s smallest in size and lightest in weight (only 1.26 ounces)
Note: Just like a cell phone, your Tracki tracker needs a data connection plan using the cellular network which requires a monthly subscription.

How to use

Step 1: Activate
Choose a pricing plan for your Tracki GPS tracker to connect to our networks for a worldwide coverage
Place device
Step 2: Place device
Carefully place your Tracki GPS tracker to the vehicle, valuable or loved one you want to track
Start Tracking
Step 3: Start Tracking
Log in to the app to see your Tracki GPS tracker location, with real-time updates every 60 seconds, providing you with alerts and history reports

Experience accuracy, convenience and reliability

Mobile App rated at 4.5 on IOS and Android
Experience accuracy, convenience and reliability
Experience accuracy, convenience and reliability
Accurate live routes
Accurate live routes
Tracki never fails to keep you updated regardless of where you are
Live Updates and Notifications
Live Updates and Notifications
Get instant notifications and alerts when the tracker crosses the predefined zones
Playback street view
Playback street view
Automatic real-time reports every 60 seconds & 5 seconds manual ping alerts

A Comprehensive Guide "How GPS Tracker Works"

Have you ever wondered where your car is? How safe your teen driver is? Or if your pets decided to explore the neighbourhoods?

GPS trackers offer a powerful solution for monitoring the location of vehicles, people, and even pets. This guide explores the world of GPS trackers, explaining how they work, their various applications, and the advanced features that enhance their usefulness.

Understanding How GPS Trackers Work

How GPS Trackers Determine Location

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is at the heart of every GPS tracker. A network of satellites constantly transmits signals that GPS trackers receive. Using a process called trilateration, the tracker calculates its distance from at least four satellites.

This distance information, combined with the known positions of the satellites, allows the tracker to pinpoint its location on Earth (latitude, longitude) with surprising accuracy, typically within a few meters.

GPS functionality remains consistent across various devices. Whether it's a car tracker discreetly installed or a smartphone app, the core principle of receiving and analyzing satellite signals to determine location applies.

Connectivity and Communication

GPS trackers connect and communicate in several ways:

  • Cellular Networks: Many trackers transmit location data via cellular networks, allowing for real-time updates.
  • Wi-Fi: Some trackers leverage Wi-Fi networks for improved location accuracy or data transmission in urban areas.
  • Satellites: While not for continuous updates, some trackers can store location data and transmit it to satellites when a cellular or Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.

This ability to store and transmit data later ensures you receive location information even without an internet connection at the precise moment.

Using GPS Trackers for Different Applications

The applications of GPS trackers are vast. Let's explore some of the most common:

Cars and Motorcycles

GPS trackers for vehicles provide real-time location monitoring, helping businesses manage fleets, track stolen cars, and recover them quickly. Additionally, these trackers can offer valuable insights into driver behaviour, promoting safer driving habits.

Teen and Senior Safety

For parents, GPS trackers offer peace of mind. Knowing the whereabouts of your teen driver or ensuring the safety of an elderly parent wandering can be a huge relief. The use of Teen and Senior Safety GPS trackers enhances this security, providing an additional layer of monitoring and reassurance.

Phones and Personal Devices

Many smartphones have built-in GPS functionality, allowing location tracking through dedicated apps. This can help find lost phones or monitor children's movements with their consent.

Pets and Wildlife

Keep tabs on your furry friend's adventures or track the movement patterns of wildlife with GPS trackers designed for your pets' collars.


For boaters, GPS trackers offer a crucial safety element. They can provide real-time location data to emergency services in case of accidents or breakdowns at sea.

Advanced GPS Tracker Features

Technologies Used in GPS Tracking

Several technologies work together in GPS trackers:

  • GPS: The core technology for location determination.
  • Cellular Connectivity: Enables real-time data transmission.
  • GPS chipset: Processes satellite signals and calculates location.
  • Battery: Powers the tracker.

Advanced Features Overview

Modern GPS trackers go beyond basic location tracking. Here are some additional features to consider:

  • Battery Life: Trackers offer varying battery life depending on usage and features.
  • Motion Detection: Receive alerts when the tracker detects movement, indicating potential theft or your pet's escape.
  • Geofencing: Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the tracker enters or leaves those zones, useful for monitoring restricted areas.
  • Mobile Apps: Access and manage your tracker remotely through user-friendly smartphone applications.

GPS trackers communicate with servers that store and process location data. These servers then relay the information to your mobile app for easy viewing and analysis.


GPS trackers offer a powerful tool for monitoring location across various applications. From managing fleets and ensuring personal safety to tracking pets and wildlife, their versatility is undeniable.

When choosing a GPS tracker, consider your specific needs – real-time updates, long battery life, or advanced features like geofencing. With the right tracker, you can gain valuable insights and peace of mind.