The Need of a GPS Tracker for Musical Instruments

You wouldn’t think it, but musical instruments are among one of people’s personal possessions that commonly get lost or stolen. For one thing, they are often targeted by thieves and burglars. While instruments may not cost as much as pieces of jewelry, classic paintings, and high-end gadgets, they still have certain monetary value that makes them appealing to thieves, especially those who are involved in illegal buy-and-sell negotiations and who know the worth of valuable instruments. Aside from being involved in cases of theft, instruments are also among the common items that end up in the lost-and-found section of many public and commercial establishments, such as restaurants, malls, stores, train stations, and even airports. There have been way too many cases of musicians losing their precious gear while they were traveling from one destination to another. Only a few of those instruments ever end up being recovered by their owners; a lot of them end up in the hands of unscrupulous entrepreneurs, who then sell them at a great profit.

If you’re a musician, it need not be said that there is a need for you to secure your musical gear, which are your most prized possessions and your form of livelihood. Thankfully, modern technology has come up with an effective and efficient solution so that you can protect your precious belongings: GPS tracking devices that can help you trace the exact whereabouts of your instruments no matter the time and place, even when it is in motion. 

So what are the advantages that a GPS tracker can give you when keeping your musical instruments secure?

  • It can track your instruments in real time.

Real-time tracking is one of the advantages you’ll get to enjoy when you invest in a GPS tracker. This feature enables you to access accurate information about the whereabouts of your instruments through GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. Whether your instrument is in motion or stationary, you will be able to access its exact geographical location. This makes it easier on your part to recover your instruments faster. For instance, in case you were ever unlucky enough to lose them at the airport, you will not have to wait for the airline or airport staff to trace your instruments, which is often said to be a tedious and complicated process involving hours and hours of waiting. With a GPS tracker like that offered by Tracki, you will instantly know its whereabouts and can then move on to figuring out how to quickly recover it.

  • It can allow you to listen in on your instruments’ immediate surroundings.

Another way you can trace the location of your instruments is by an audio monitoring features that allows you to discreetly listen in to the noises of the surroundings of your instruments. Listening in can enable you to have an idea about where your instruments could be. And in the event that they were taken from you by someone else, you can also use such a feature to identify the person who took it. 

  • It can ensure better insurance plans for your musical instruments.

Because they are also considered valuable investments, musical instruments are among those personal possessions that can be insured. However, like how it is with any other insurance plan, you will want to get the best plan possible to ensure full protection and compensation in case anything unfortunate happens. Having a GPS tracker for your musical instrument is one way of increasing its security; this way, you will be able to obtain a better and more comprehensive insurance plan for your gear.