Advantages of Personal GPS Tracking

Before we talk about the advantages of GPS tracking, let’s first define what GPS is. GPS, which means Global Positioning System, is simply a technology that uses signals transmitted by satellites orbiting the Earth to track the exact location of a device as well as its movement over a certain period of time. By itself, GPS doesn’t really offer anything much besides coordinates and a few other statistics. However, when it is combined with other forms of technology like maps and navigational systems, it can transform into something more. One example of such are GPS tracking devices.

While it was originally developed by the US military for use in their many military exercises and programs, GPS has now become commercially available and has achieved widespread use among the public. GPS tracking devices themselves offer a myriad of benefits, some of which are the following:

1. Navigation

One of the primary advantages of a GPS system is its navigational aspect. When it is combined with map technology, for example, it becomes a powerful tool that one can use to navigate movement, whatever kind of vehicle you’re traveling in, whether a car or a boat. It can trace a specific device’s location in real time and with accuracy, and such information can be used to analyze that device’s speed and even direction of movement. One can use such information to determine directions to get from one destination to another.

 2. Cost-Effectiveness

In GPS technology, the satellites behind the technology are already paid for and maintained by the US Department of Defense. In short, the satellite technology is free. However, you might be required to pay a little amount to use a device and access the software necessary to take advantage of that technology. Tracki itself, one of the leading makers of GPS tracking devices in the market, offers low monthly subscription plans that will not bust your budget. So imagine this: when investing in a Tracki device, you’re paying a low monthly expense for what is essentially one of the most advanced and sophisticated forms of technology we have today.

3. Crime and Security

Another way in which GPS devices can be of use is the tracking of criminals by agents of law enforcement. All a police officer needs to do is to install a GPS tracking device onto the vehicle of a suspected criminal or perpetrator, and it often gives them useful information as to the activity of that person. If that person was ever planning a criminal activity, a GPS tracking device can be useful in that it can lead the cops to the actual scene of the crime so they can catch the culprits in the act.

 4. Ease of Use

Because the concept of a GPS tracking device sounds so complicated, it might seem to other people who are unfamiliar with it that it is a particularly complex technology. But that is a great misconception. In fact, GPS systems are one of the simplest and easiest to use forms of technology there is out there. In fact, using a tracking device only requires a minimal level of skill, effort, or technical know-how. When compared to traditional skills like map-reading, for instance, operating a GPS tracker is far more simple and easy. The device itself will do the hard work for you of deciphering coordinates and finding specific locations.

5. Employer Monitoring

If you are the owner or manager of a company that runs fleets, a GPS tracker will make your task of monitoring your vehicles much more simple and efficient. In the past, monitoring fleets was a much more difficult task as it would require you to call up your drivers by phone or radio to find out where they were. In a lot of instances, owners or managers could not manage to get hold of their drivers and would have to wait several hours or even days just to get information. With the advent of GPS trackers, this difficulty has been minimized or even totally obliterated. At just the click of a button and simply by accessing a device’s database on an app, you can already instantly know a vehicle’s whereabouts at any given time and in real time. This way, you can also know if a vehicle is on or off track as to its schedule. You will also be informed of your driver’s behavior, and you’ll be informed if he speeds or if he idles too much while on the road. Having access to exact locations of vehicles and deliveries will in return enable your company to provide better services to your customers. 

 6. Personal Safety

One of the foremost uses of a GPS tracker is to monitor the location and well-being of loved ones. It is especially useful in monitoring young children and elderly relatives who often have the tendency to wander off and get lost. Trackers such as those provided by Tracki boast advanced features like an SOS button feature that enables the wearer of a device to send out an instant call for help if ever he gets involved in an accident or emergency or whenever he feels particularly threatened. A person can also use GPS trackers to ensure personal safety while they’re traveling in a particularly remote or unfamiliar place. All he needs to do is give his family access to the device’s database; thus, his loved ones can have peace of mind as to his well-being even while he is far away from them. 

 7. Available Worldwide

Because a GPS tracking device works through satellite technology, it means you can get access to this technology wherever you might be in the world. This is especially true for Tracki devices. If you have a Tracki device in your hand, you won’t need to worry about being inaccessible or losing connection; you will always enjoy the particular benefits of a Tracki device no matter where you are, whether you’re traveling across the United States or exploring an unfamiliar, exotic country.

8. Regular Updates and Maintenance

As mentioned before, the GPS satellite system is already paid for and maintained by the US Department of Defense, so you can always rely on its accuracy. Most GPS devices, apps, and software, especially those of Tracki, are always regularly updated so you can be sure that the information you access on them is up to date and correct. This gives an added advantage especially if you compare it to using a traditional map, which so often goes out of date after several years. 

 9. Health Monitoring

Location is not the only thing that a device can track; it can also monitor the health of its wearers, particularly information about their vital stats, like heart rate and the like. In the case of elderly wearers, it can detect falls and send out instant alerts so their caregivers would be able to give immediate medical care. While typically functioning as a GPS device, a tracker can be useful in determining the health of a wearer and keeping one updated on certain signs and symptoms that could mean a potential illness. In far too many instances, trackers have given their users an opportunity to detect certain medical conditions way before they get worse.

 10. Flexible Routes

Last but not the least, an important advantage that a GPS tracker gives its users is the opportunity to change routes if their usual route suffers from a traffic jam or becomes blocked due to an accident. A GPS device can provide some well-needed information as to alternative routes that the user can take instead. In the long run, this ensures that its users won’t have to waste fuel and mileage on trips that would have taken longer due to certain road disruptions. 

Now that you know all about a GPS tracking device’s advantages, this might have convinced you as to invest in your own personal tracker. However, before making that investment, you need to look into the essential features that you should expect in a good tracker:

  • Real-time Tracking - This feature enables you to access the information on your tracker’s database in real time. This can come in handy when you’re tracking something or somebody and you need to know where they are. With real-time tracking, you can track them even when they are in motion.
  • Alerts - A good tracker offers a variety of alerts that gives you instant updates whenever a preset type of conditions are met, such as when a driver is speeding or accelerating too fast. It should also have safety zone alerts---this feature sends out alerts whenever someone goes beyond the preset limits of a safety zone, which can be helpful if you’re taking care of an elderly relative. Lastly, there is the SOS button, which allows wearers to send out calls for help in troubling situations.
  • Worldwide Usage - Take note that not all trackers are created equal. There are some who work through cellular networks, so they might not be accessible in some areas. This is where Tracki devices provide an advantage. Because they are available for use worldwide, you won’t have to worry about being out of connection anywhere, especially when you travel to remote places.