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Benefits of GPS Trackers for Senior Drivers: Why You Should Invest Now

Benefits of GPS Trackers for Senior Drivers: Why You Should Invest Now

Andrew McMennamy

Did you know mostly young and old drivers are involved in car accidents? Even though they may not be considered a significant risk, the number of deaths caused by older drivers is concerning. High-risk drivers include those over 65; Florida has had several cases of drivers over 80 causing accidents in public areas. A lot of senior drivers travel for personal business or medical appointments. 

These drivers are not under the influence of illegal drugs, and they have passed both written and visual examinations. They are still driving without realizing their limitations, and their decreasing physical abilities pose a particular threat.

Those 65 years of age and older will make up 25% of all drivers by 2025. It would be unfair to ban driving for all elders, as personal assessments take time. 

Senior drivers can be safer, and their families can have peace of mind knowing where they are in real time using GPS trackers. They benefit seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's the most because they guarantee immediate mental and physical assistance against wandering.

Key Takeaways 

  • Elderly drivers face increased accident risks due to physical limitations and medical conditions like dementia.
  • GPS trackers offer real-time location tracking, safe zone alerts, and emergency features for senior driver safety.
  • Tracki GPS Tracker provides reliable and compact tracking with long battery life and easy setup.
  • Additional security measures include wearable GPS devices, mobile apps, and portable trackers.

Why Getting GPS Trackers for Senior Drivers Is a Good Idea

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease 
Senior drivers' physical condition is a major concern for other drivers. Age-related fragilities, such as losing grip on the steering wheel or accidentally stepping on the accelerator, can cause accidents. Serious medical conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease also impact elderly drivers.
 Before using vehicle tracking technology like GPS, families should consult licensed experts to identify early symptoms. 

Family members can observe warning signs in senior drivers, such as getting lost in familiar areas, diminished eyesight, frequent close calls, difficulty completing tasks, and trouble understanding visual images.

GPS Trackers for Senior Drivers 
Driving maintains mental activity and independence for seniors. In 2014, there were 4,192 individuals aged 70 and older who died in accidents. Safety is a primary need for seniors. GPS trackers provide a solution that allows families to monitor senior drivers' activities and locations. 

Real-time Location: GPS trackers allow families to monitor senior drivers while they are driving or at work, thereby ensuring their safety. 

Safe Zone Alerts: GPS trackers may create digital limits, known as safe zone alerts. Families receive notification and can quickly locate the elderly driver if they leave the designated area. This function also helps locate and track down stolen cars. 

GPS devices monitor the location, speed, and driving habits of vehicles, triggering alerts when they exceed predetermined limits. This helps prevent accidents and unnecessary wear and tear. 

Emergency Feature: GPS trackers include a panic or SOS button for emergencies, sending instant alerts to family and authorities. Some devices offer two-way communication, allowing direct messages during emergencies.

Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki GPS Tracker ensures families and caregivers of older or elderly drivers can have peace of mind with the reliable and flexible functionality. Known for its small size, simplicity of use, and powerful tracking features, the Tracki GPS Tracker uses real-time position monitoring and a range of alert functions to ensure the safety and happiness of senior drivers.

Tracki GPS Tracker

Key Features and Benefits for Seniors:

Real-Time Tracking: Using 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G technologies, Tracki provides boundless-distance real-time tracking with a stable network. This function is quite helpful for monitoring the movements of senior drivers and providing their families with the latest updates.

Compact and Lightweight Design: The senior driver can carry or covertly place the tiny Tracki GPS Tracker in a car, measuring only 1.8 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches and weighing 1.26 grams.

Long Battery Life: The rechargeable battery lasts up to 2–5 days with frequent updates (1–5 minute intervals) and up to 60 days in battery saver mode (1-3 updates per day). An extra 3,500mAh battery with a magnetic waterproof box is available to extend the battery life to 10 months.

Durability and Versatility: A strong magnet, waterproof silicone cover, belt clip, key ring, and lanyard make the tracker simple to carry on a keychain as well as in a car. 

Backup Technology: When there are insufficient or no GPS signals, Tracki tracks locations using Wi-Fi and GSM. Tracki can also ensure exact and constant tracking with weak GPS coverage. 

Alerts and Notifications: With Tracki GPS Tracker, consumers can create geo-fence zones and get instant notifications when the device goes outside of specific boundaries. It also provides SOS, low-battery, speed, and movement warnings via notification, email, or optional SMS. These features also inform families to respond quickly in an emergency, ensuring the safety of senior drivers.

Ease of Use: Without the need to tamper with vehicle electronics, the device is simple to set up and operates immediately. The highly rated mobile and web app is compatible with Android, iOS, and web browsers, making it accessible for caregivers to monitor the tracker. 

Customer Support and Warranty: Tracki provides live phone and chat support at all times, and the device comes with a lifetime warranty that covers lost or broken devices. This gives families and loved ones constant support and peace of mind. 

Subscription Plans: 
Monthly Fee: $19.95 per device. 
Long-Term Plan: As low as $9.95 per device. 
Usage Scenarios for Elderly Drivers: 

Elderly Driver Usage Situations: 

Safety Monitoring: Families can use the Tracki GPS tracker to monitor the real-time location of elderly drivers, ensuring they are safe and on the correct route.

Emergency Response: Older drivers can signal for help in an emergency using the SOS alert function, and caretakers will receive prompt notifications.

Geo-Fencing: Setting up geo-fence zones helps families know the elderly driver has entered or left specific areas that need additional safety.

Low Battery Alerts: Families and loved ones can receive low battery alerts, ensuring the device is always charged and in working mode.

Types of GPS Trackers for the Elderly

There are different types of GPS trackers for senior drivers to think about. The goal of these trackers is to ensure the seniors' and their families' happiness and safety. There are several GPS trackers available for senior drivers.

1. Wearable GPS Trackers 

These tiny GPS trackers are suitable for use as wristbands, pendants, or watches.


Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking provides senior drivers' current location.

SOS button: In an emergency, you can call for help using the SOS button.

Two-way communication: Two-way communication: Some gadgets enable users to speak with guardians instantly.

Fall detection: When falls occur, guardians receive an alert.

Geo-fencing: Geo-fences warns users if they go outside of a designated area.

2. GPS Tracking Apps 

After tracking through the application, the app is installed on your mobile phone.


The user can share their real-time location with family.

Geo-fencing provides notifications when a senior leaves a designated safe zone.

Health tracking: Track or monitor health activities such as heart rate and steps.

Emergency contacts: Quick access to emergency contacts.

3. Portable GPS Trackers

You can carry small, handheld devices in your pocket, bag, or install them in your car.


Long battery life: Run many days on a single charge.

The SOS button is for immediate assistance.

Real-time tracking provides exact location information.

Geo-fencing: Receive alerts when the device or tracker goes outside the designated area.

Tracki GPS Tracker

The Tracki GPS tracker is a very light-weight and small GPS tracker. It doesn't require much attention, and you can quickly put it inside your elderly clothing or vehicle. Multiple uses are possible with the adjustable attachment set, which includes a belt clip, magnet, lanyard, and keychain.

Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker. - Tracki


This GPS tracker may help you find out exactly where your parents or other loved ones are. The tracker boasts global coverage, making it an ideal choice for parents who enjoy traveling or elderly drivers who often worry about their safety. Alternatively, if you wish to track the location of a family member who lives elsewhere, 

the Tracki GPS tracker has a battery life of up to five days with active monitoring data every one to five minutes. You can extend the battery life to 30 to 75 days by reporting less frequently, one or three times a day. 

The tracker features an SOS button to promptly alert you if any senior citizen in your family requires your assistance. There are further benefits, including quick installation, a user-friendly interface, safe zone notification, etc. 

Product Highlight:

  1. Worldwide coverage 
  2. 5 years of historical data 
  3. Option for an extra-big battery 
  4. Indoor and outdoor tracking are supported. 
  5. A monthly fee of 19.95 USD is required, or as low as 9.95 USD for a long-term plan.

Battery and Specifications:

  • Size: 1.74”x 1.5”x 0.6” 
  • Weight: 1.26 oz. 
  • Battery: 3500 mAh Li-Polymer 
  • Battery Type 1 lithium-ion battery 
  • The battery has an active life of 5 days and updates every 1 to 5 minutes.

Taking Care: GPS Tracker Watch

The Taking Care GPS tracker watch is compact and lightweight, featuring two-way communication and an SOS button. It is fashionable and includes a pedometer for elderly parents who enjoy driving and desire the assurance of emergency assistance in the event of an emergency.


Taking Care GPS tracker watch

The Out-and-About mobile watch is easy to use, with no setup required. It's comfortable to wear all day and works anywhere there's a signal, both inside and outside the home. Press the SOS button on the front to speak directly with the Emergency Resolution Team, available 24/7, in the event of a fall, medical emergency, or loss.

Using accurate GPS tracking, the monitoring team can find your location and send help from family, caregivers, or emergency services. You can also set up GPS 'safe zones' that trigger an alarm if the watch moves outside of that area. Family and friends can securely view your GPS location online at any time. 

The initial cost includes buying the device, which means you own it. Taking Care offers a full refund within the first 30 days if the wearer isn't satisfied. 

Key Features of the Taking Care GPS Tracking Watch:

  • Battery life: 18 hours (1-hour charge time) 
  • Not water-resistant 
  • 3 simple buttons and a clear, bright screen
  • GPS location updates every 4 minutes or immediately if needed. 
  • Check the GPS location online. 
  • Geofencing safe zones
  • 24/7 monitoring by a trained team
  • Price: £17.15/month (+£99.99 initial cost)

Telecare24 GPS tracker pendant

The Telecare24 GPS tracker pendant offers a stylish and comfortable gadget for the elderly. This is lightweight (only 33 grams) and designed to be worn all the time, even in the shower, bath, or bed.

Telecare24 GPS tracker pendant

For their GPS alarm, Telecare24 uses the high-quality Chiptech GOTM model. When the senior citizen presses the SOS button on the pendant, the care team can talk 24/7 directly to them through the pendant and find their location to send help. 

The GO! GPS plan helps active elderly people feel safe while out and about, whether shopping, walking the dog, or doing something more adventurous. As long as the tracker has a signal, Telecare24 can provide assistance. Additionally, the device offers fall detection, a feature worth £50. 

Key Features of the Telecare24 GO! GPS Plan:

  • Battery life: 1-2 months 
  • Recharge time: 3-5 hours 
  • Water resistance: IP67 (safe for showers and baths) 
  • Location updates only happen when the SOS button is pressed. 
  • Fall detection is included. 
  • A trained team provides 24/7 monitoring. 
  • Price: £249.99 (includes 12 months of monitoring)

GPS Tracker Comparison Table

Feature Tracki GPS Tracker Taking Care GPS Tracker Watch Telecare24 GPS Tracker Pendant
Product Name Tracki GPS Tracker Taking Care GPS Tracker Watch Telecare24 GPS Tracker Pendant
Size 1.74”x 1.5”x 0.6” Not specified Not specified
Weight 1.26 Oz Not specified 33 grams
Battery Life 5 days (active); 30-75 days (less reporting) 18 hours 1-2 months
Battery Type 3500 mAh Li-Polymer Not specified Not specified
Water Resistance Yes No IP67 (shower and bath safe)
SOS Button Yes Yes Yes
Two-way Communication Yes Yes Yes
Geofencing Yes Yes No
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Price monthly fee of 19.95USD or as low as 9.95USD for long term plan £17.15/month (+£99.99 initial cost) £249.99 (includes 12 months of monitoring) 

How to Choose the Right GPS Tracker

1. Analyzing Personal Needs

Mobility: Consider how much the senior moves about every day. Wearable, lightweight trackers work best for active people. Better still for older citizens with restricted mobility would be a tracker that attaches to a wheelchair or walker.

Mental Health: A GPS tracker makes it easier to find them since they lost. Features like geofencing and emergency notifications are essential for elderly parents with diseases like dementia or Alzheimer's.

2. Financial Factors

Initial Expense: Compare the initial expenses of many GPS devices. Some GPS trackers are more costly due to their greater features.

Subscription Fee: Monthly membership fees are common for many GPS trackers. Add these according to your budget.

Long-term Value: Give it some thought. Sometimes, investing a little extra in a durable, feature-rich tracker can save you money for a long time.

3. Connected Easily with Current Devices

Compatibility: Make sure the GPS tracker for the elderly connects with their family's computers, tablets, and cell phones.

User Interface: Verify the software or app of the tracker is user-friendly. Emergency service access should be simple for caregivers to set up alarms in real-time.

Support and Updates: To keep the item operating well over time, find out if it has strong customer service and frequent software upgrades.

How to Track Elderly Parents

1. Setting Up the Tracker

Choose a suitable: Select an appropriate GPS tracker by looking for features like size, battery life, and ease of use designed for elderly citizens.

Install a SIM card (if required): Connectivity for some GPS trackers require a SIM card. Install it according to the tracker guidelines.

Charge the device: Make sure the tracker is fully charged before setup.

Configure Settings: Use the compatible app or web platform for configuring settings like geofencing, emergency contacts, and alert functions. 

Test the device: Test the tracker to be sure the location data is accurate, and it is operating exactly as it should.

2. Monitoring via mobile apps or web platforms

Download the app: Install the tracker's mobile app on your smartphone to access the web platform using a web browser.

Create an account. Register a user account. Log in to use the web-based site or app.

Pair the Tracker: To link your account with the GPS tracker, follow the instructions. 

Real-time Tracking: Use the app or web platform to view the real-time location of your elderly parents, vehicle trackingkid tracking, etc. 

Set Alerts: Set up notifications for situations like an emergency SOS button, a low charge, and crossing a particular area (geofencing). 

Historical Data: Access location history to review the real-time movement patterns of your elderly parent.

3. Tips for seniors

Wearing Options: Select trackers that can be worn as a pendant, wristband, watch, or fit into a belt or shoe.

Routine Checks: Establish a routine to check the tracker’s presence and functionality daily.

Comfort: Ensure the tracker is comfortable to wear and not too bulky, so the senior is more likely to keep it on.

Reminders: Set reminders for both you and the senior to check the battery level and charge the device regularly.

Backup Plan: Have a backup tracker or battery on hand in case the primary device fails or needs charging.


GPS trackers are necessary for the safety and freedom of elderly drivers. They provide families with peace of mind, emergency alerts, and real-time location tracking. You can help them reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that elderly loved ones get immediate help in emergencies by using GPS trackers. These devices are a preventive effort to maintain the safety of seniors on the road. We recommend that you take seriously the use of GPS trackers for your elderly family members.

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