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How to Setup the TrackiGo Skill on Amazon Alexa

1. On your smartphone, open the Alexa app and tap the menu icon in the screen’s lower right corner.

2. Then find  “Skills & Games.” and tap to open.

3. Locate the Search Icon (Magnifying glass) and tap.

4. Enter “Tracki” in the search bar.

5. Tap on the Tracki Skill to open.

6. Tap the blue “Enable to Use” button.

7. The Alexa app will now ask you to grant permissions for the Skill. It needs Location services to determine how far a Tracki device is from your current location.  Tap on “Save Permissions” to allow this.

8. You will be brought to this screen. Do not do anything on this screen. Wait for a popup screen.

9. Soon you will see this window popup, here you will need to enter your Tracki account username and Password. After you have entered this hit login.

10. Now you will be brought to another permission page, check allow and then hit the submit button.

11. A confirmation page will appear, Saying that “Your Tracki account has been successfully linked”. Hit the close button, and now your Alexa is all setup to communicate with your Tracki devices.

What can I do with the TrackiGo Skill on Amazon Alexa?

1. Ask Where your device is. “Alexa, ask Go Track where is my (tracker name)”

2. Ask how fast your Tracki is going. “Alexa, ask Go Track how fast is (tracker name) going?”

3. Ask Alexa what your trackers battery level is at. “Alexa, ask Go Track what is battery level of my (tracker name)”