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Waterproof magnetic
case + 3500mAh battery

Waterproof magnetic case + 3500mAh battery extender

The Waterproof magnetic box works best for long term real-time GPS tracking of vehicles, cars, boats, ATVs, equipment, automobiles, generators, Bobcat, shipments, containers, field equipment and assets.

With the Tracki GPS Waterproof box, your device stays protected from the harshest weather conditions. Protects the device from extreme weather conditions such as rain, sand, and snow.

The compact design with strong magnetic backing makes it easy to hide under a car or truck, install on a boat, or place in a shipment container.

Thanks to its powerful, heavy-duty magnet, you can attach the entire case firmly to any flat steel or iron surface. You can also affix the case under the body of a car, bus, truck, or to the bottom of the strongbox.

This box is made from high-grade plastic making it durable and long-lasting.

Tracki Waterproof box and Extended
Battery with Charging Port

How to use:

Remove the battery cover and the 600mAh that comes with the tracker and plug in the 3500mAh battery
Step 1
Put the power pack on the magnet side
Step 2
Charge the 3500mAh battery for 13 hours the first time. Place it in the Waterproof box and snap the lock tightly
Step 3
Place with the magnet side to metallic surface of anyone or anything you want to track
Step 4

30 days Money Back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the device, we make full refund with 30 days of purchase