WiFi Cameras

Wireless hidden IP cameras are like a traditional hidden cameras in many ways. They're specifically designed to be small, compact and easily concealed - but with a twist. Instead of placing a camera and hoping that you get the footage you're after, you'll know beyond the shadow of a doubt as this is a camera designed to be remotely viewed once it has been added to the wireless Internet network in your home. You'll still have the ability to record to a MicroSD card or other flash-based memory card, but you'll be able to view that footage without actually returning to the camera if this isn't something you can do.

As with most important buying decisions like this, there are a number of key factors about your own situation that you'll want to consider to help make sure you buy the right one.

Push Notifications

One feature that you'll certainly want to consider when choosing a wireless hidden IP camera involves push notifications. Provided that your camera supports this feature, you can actually get a message automatically sent to your smartphone or tablet letting you know when recording has started or stopped. If you're primarily buying a camera to monitor activity at home while you're away at work, this can be a huge time savor. You won't need to wonder whether the camera is capturing what you need, as you'll know beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Motion Activation

As with most hidden cameras, another important feature you'll want to look to for your wireless hidden IP camera is motion activation. Cameras can typically store hours of footage on even a smaller, 8GB memory card, but this isn't necessarily a good thing. In most situations, you'll have to wade through hours of footage with little to no activity in order to get at those key few moments you were after in the first place. With motion activation, the camera will only record when it detects motion - not only maximizing the amount of footage you can store but also saving you time on the back end when you review everything as well.

Connecting With Other Cameras

Depending on exactly what you're trying to accomplish, you may want to look into buying a wireless hidden IP camera that can actually connect with not just your Internet connection, but also other cameras concealed throughout your home. This will help give you a much more complete picture of exactly what is going on while you're away, as you essentially have the ability to switch back and forth between cameras at will when live viewing from a smartphone or tablet. If you're trying to keep an eye on your nanny and he or she moves from the bedroom on the second floor down to the kitchen, you'll be able to switch from one view to the next with a quick tap of your finger (provided that your cameras connect to one another and that you've installed units in both locations.

WiFi Cameras

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