Tracki Help Page (Draft)


For our device manual you can download it here or view it online.

Please take some time to read How GPS Trackers Work as well.

We also have How-to Videos teaching you how to setup your Tracki Device and how to use to Tracki app.

GPS trackers need a clear view of the sky to properly receive satellite signals. Be aware that when GPS signal is blocked by buildings, trees or when the device is indoors, the device uses nearby cellular antenna towers to approximate its location. This is less accurate than GPS location, and might be hundreds of feet away or even a few miles in a non urban area. When the device uses cellular-based locations you will notice it on the screen by a semi-transparent blue circle displayed around the approximate location, and a text note about it. If Wi-Fi is available nearby, it will also be used for approximating the location. Tracki must not be surrounded by metal since it blocks GPS signals. DO NOT hide Tracki in metal enclosures, in the middle of the undercarriage, the engine compartment, wheel wells, a metal bumper, the trunk, glove compartment, or any boxed metal. If you need to attach Tracki to a car you can get a magnetic waterproof box with a battery to extend 6 times the battery life.