The Different Ways in Which Municipal Agencies Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

One of the foremost responsibilities of municipal agencies is to make sure that tax-paying citizens get the most out of their tax dollars. That includes the careful monitoring and management of your fleet of vehicles. If you’re a fleet manager for a municipal agency, your tasks include reducing overtime costs, improving safety measures, ensuring better fuel management, proper monitoring of driver behavior, and safety of your drivers and the public. With these many tasks under your care, you need to have a tool that can serve as an effective and efficient support system. A GPS tracking system like Tracki can be that support system for you. Here are the different ways in which you and the municipal agency you serve can benefit from GPS tracking devices.

1. You can increase your agency’s level of emergency responsiveness.

When there’s an accident or emergency, every second counts as it can mean a life saved. You can make your response time to emergency calls much faster by investing in GPS trackers for all your municipal vehicles. With such a system, you can track in real time the specific location of your vehicles so you can quickly deploy the nearest one to the destination in question.

2. You can waste less fuel.

With more traditional modes of fleet tracking, it’s difficult to figure out and choose the most efficient route; driver experience is only part of the information you need to make such a decision, and there are other factors such as the road quality and traffic situations, which can change from time to time. With a GPS tracker, you will be able to monitor the routes your drivers take and get access to essential traffic information. This enables you in turn to determine and suggest the most efficient routes for your drivers so they can cut down on mile usage and fuel consumption. 

3. You can monitor your employee’s driving behavior.

Location is not the only thing a GPS tracker can trace; it can even monitor vehicle activity, such as when it’s speeding, accelerating suddenly, or idling too much. It sends out alerts to you so you can instantly be informed of any driver misbehavior. On your part as the fleet manager, you get to keep a tight rein on your drivers and their work behavior on the road, even when they are not literally in your line of sight. On your drivers’ part, they are also kept on their toes to drive well and not slack off while on the road.

4.  You can prevent vehicle theft.

A GPS tracking system can also bolster up the security of your vehicles by preventing theft. And even in case they do get stolen or missing, you can still quickly recover them. All you would need to do is log into the device’s corresponding app and access its database. You will instantly see its whereabouts and can quickly enlist the help of local law enforcement agencies in recovering your vehicle before its gets disassembled and sold for scrap or, worse, smuggled into another country.

5. You can reduce overtime.

Because it ensures that your drivers are always on their best behavior and not idling too much, you can lower overtime costs, which in turn can benefit your municipal agency’s overall fleet management budget. You get to ensure increased worker productivity and save on expenses too. What other deal would be better than that?